Cllr Iain Billinger Labour – Tory Chief Lackey

It never ceases to amaze me how certain folk in County Hall fail to appreciate the first law of holes – if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

In response to ERYC Labour Confirmed As Tory Lackies ERYC Labour Councillor Iain Billinger – Tory Chief Lackey – just kept on digging.

I refer to the Court of Public Opinion a classic Billinger hole dig (please click on link).

In Response

  1. The full Labour Group supported the full Tory Group in welcoming a report from the Disability Advisory Group (DAG) which did not exist. If that is not acting as lackies what is?
  2. The Labour Group constantly fail to challenge the Tory Group’s decision-making – see above.
  3. I constantly challenge the Tory Group in an appropriate way via the Court of Public Opinion.
  4. Holding senior officers to account is not only acceptable it is my elected duty.
  5. I fully represent my Ward and hold to account the fools and nodding dogs who do the opposite – for example supporting a £20,000 ERYC scheme which not only breached disability legislation but was so poor it had to be full redone.
  6. Trust me the vast majority of folk with a sense of humour and who understand the message find my photoons highly funny.
  7. My latest photoon certainly has a degree of humour.
  8. Holding Tory lackies to account is very relevant.

Tip For Councillor Billinger

No Labour member supports the murder of innocent Yemeni children apart from you – your vile Tory lackey status was demonstrated when you voted for just this.

I refer you to Arms Investments – Conservative/Labour ERYC Pact

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