Labour Group Complaint – In Response

I put before the Court of Public Opinion my response to the ill-advised complaint submitted by the ERYC Labour Group against me.

Sexist Comments

66% of East Riding residents disagree as per the Hull Daily Mail poll. Are the Labour Group stating that East Riding residents are wrong? I would remind the Labour Group that they are elected to represent the residents. I politely suggest that they do just that.

Photograph Is Bullying

I refer the Labour Group to the ERYC Cabinet Meetings. They will note

How can an action carried out as per legislation be considered bullying? Of course it can’t.

Pension Advice

In a rather misinformed email this morning Councillor Billinger stated:

“The reason I voted against your motion at the Pensions Committee was nothing to do with the murder of children anywhere.  The reason I voted the way I did is simply, the motion is not allowable under LGPS rules. As I said at the meeting it is for the government to ensure rules stop weapons being sold to those who use them in a deplorable way. The fact you fail to understand that difference proves to me you are incapable of understanding advice of our officers, which possibly why you abuse them or attempt to patronise them.” 

I suggest that Councillor Billinger ceases to leave Pension Committee meetings early as he would then be aware that:

“Although schemes should make the pursuit of a financial return their predominant concern, they may also take purely non-financial considerations into account provided that doing so would not involve significant risk of financial detriment to the scheme and where they have good reason to think that scheme members would support their decision.”

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