Deputy Leader – Full East Riding Smoking Ban

ERYC Deputy Leader Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen has put forward a motion for next weeks ERYC Council meeting that calls for a full ban on smoking across the East Riding.

Please see Agenda – Council – 22 November

“That this Council asks for relevant Officers to investigate the cost and implications of introducing a smoking ban at all Council owned children’s play areas and other places and venues, in and outwith Council ownership, where children meet and  congregate and reports to Cabinet with the intention of resultant  recommendations being brought to Full Council for debate.”

It goes without saying that children’s health is of vital importance but this motion is an example of big brother losing the plot and wasting tax payers money in the process.

This motion could include everywhere in the East Riding.

What does “other places and venues outwith Council ownership, where children meet and congregrate” include?

This can include your home and garden.

The proposal would ban smoking from every street in the East Riding. This would include outside pubs and indeed County Hall.


How can ERYC possible introduce such a ban that will not only kill the pub trade but prevent families from enjoying their family life in their homes and gardens in breach of fundamental Human Rights?

You have the right to enjoy family relationships without interference from government.

How does Councillor Owen propose this is enforced?

To ask “for relevant Officers to investigate the cost and implications” is a waste of money.

I will be voting against this motion.

NB: I am a none smoker.

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