Conservative Cllrs Mole and West Flier Liars

Conservative Cllrs Mole and West have lied to Pocklington Provincial residents on their recently distributed flier delivered to selected addresses in Pocklington and Barmby Moor by falsely claiming to have held street walkabouts in villages.

The Truth

  • East Riding officers hold street walkabouts NOT Tory Councillors
  • East Riding officers invite Parish and Ward Councillors to each walkabout
  • This year there were three walkabouts held in the Pocklington Provincial Ward in Sutton Upon Derwent, Newton Upon Derwent and The Cattons
  • I attended all the walkabouts in full
  • Councillor Kay West arrived late and left early from all three walkabouts
  • Councillor Claude Mole attend none of this years walkabouts.

Wholly Professional Manner

As the Tories believe they are working in a “wholly professional manner” which includes lying this demonstrates the exceedingly low morals of not only Cllrs Mole and West but also the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association as they are promoting the leaflet.

Please see Pocklington Provincial Conservatives Dishonest Flyer

Formal Complaint

I have register a formal complaint against Cllrs Mole and West as their lying is:

  • Not treating others with respect.
  • Conducting themselves in a manner that could reasonably be regarded as
    bringing their office or authority into disrepute.
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