Tory Flier Liars – Vibrant Trade

There are so many lies on the Pocklington Provincial Conservatives Dishonest Flyer that I will be exposing them over the course of this week.

Lie Number 2

“Town Centre trade is vibrant”

What about the closing of established Pocklington shops in the past year?

  1. Jenni Jones
  2. Co-op
  3. Cobblers
  4. Chemist
  5. Eric Lee
  6. Maynews
  7. etc..

This demonstrates that trade is far from vibrant. The main reason is that the Tory dominated ERYC charge excessive business rates in Pocklington. The Tories are clearly out of touch.

Tory Flier Liars

  1. Street walkabouts in villages
  2. Trade is vibrant
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