Budget Day: ERYC Tories Money Wasters

Yesterday in Full Council at County Hall I witnessed Tory lead insanity wasting tax payers money on that which is a none starter.

Deputy Leader Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen put forward a motion seconded by Cabinet Member Conservative Jane Evision:

“That this Council asks for relevant Officers to investigate the cost and implications of introducing a smoking ban at all Council owned children’s play areas and other places and venues, in and outwith Council ownershipwhere children meet and  congregate and reports to Cabinet with the intention of resultant  recommendations being brought to Full Council for debate.”

The motion, if acted upon, would ban smoking from your home, garden and every street in the East Riding. This would include outside pubs and indeed County Hall.

My Response

I gave the following response:

“This motion is insane and would be a waste of officers time and tax payers resources.

This authority should never attempt to ban smoking in a residents garden or home, outside County Hall, a pub or on the street. It is unenforceable

I am hearing rumours that Councillor Owens next motion will be to ban the word LOVE.

I politely suggest to Councillor Owen that he starts to respect residents and supports the Licensed Trade but as he is a member of the East Yorkshire Conservative Association who believe it is appropriate to distribute political leaflets on Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day I wont be holding my breath.”

Councillor Parnabys Words Of No Wisdom

“It wont cost officers much to look into this”

Councillor Parnaby, with no due respect, you are a fool. No such ban can be introduced. Even your just as foolish loyal lap dog Councillor Owen agreed to this fact.

Whether it costs £5 or £5,000 is not the issue. ERYC must not waste a penny of tax payers money.

The Vote

Councillor Parnaby announced that no whip would be used and it would be a free vote.


  • Conservatives – 43
  • Labour – 6
  • UKIP – 3


  • Independents – 4
  • Liberal Democrats – 2

52 For 6 Against

Budget Day Money Wasters

On Budget Day all of the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP Councillors voted to waste tax payers money on that which cannot be introduced but if it was it would be unenforceable.

As all Tories voted without the whip (is that right?) they, their Labour lackies and UKIP have voted to waste tax payers money a few months before they will vote to raise residents Council Tax.

Clear Message

This is a clear message that if residents do not want their Council Tax wasting vote Independent or Liberal Demorcrat at the ERYC election in May 2019.

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