Stamford Bridge Speeding – The Facts

Following the announcement of tougher measures to curb speeding along a stretch of the A1079 through Shiptonthorpe by early next year a Stamford Bridge Resident raised the question as to why is this not happening in Stamford Bridge.

I would like to thank Mike Featherby ERYC Head of Streetscene Services for his detailed response.

“Thank you for your enquiry in which you have asked for comparative traffic data for both Stamford Bridge and Shiptonthorpe.

Both sites have been assessed under the Council’s Speed Management Procedure and Shiptonthorpe qualified for Police enforcement due to the large number of vehicles exceeding the Police’s benchmark for enforcement of 30mph (30mph + 10% + 2mph)

Below is a table of comparison, as you can see Shiptonthorpe has a significantly larger volume of traffic and a much higher proportion of potential offenders, Unlike Stamford Bridge there are no traffic signals to regulate the traffic in Shiptonthorpe and therefore there is a greater opportunity to speed. The Council recognises that people are likely to increase their speeds when exiting a speed limit and likewise they will travel faster on approach however in order for Stamford Bridge to reach police enforcement levels there would have to be approximately 2000 offenders per day exceeding 35mph.”  

Stamford Bridge
Total Number of vehicles per week
Average number of vehicles per day
Average number of potential offenders per day
Percentage of offenders
Mean speed mph
85th percentile speed mph


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