Do Not Remove Fly Tipping Evidence

A concerned resident sent me the image below from the Pocklington Area Local Politics Facebook page.

The bucket had been in the layby for a couple of weeks prior but “Sarah” did nothing until I posted Moor Lane – Litter or Fly Tipping? yesterday morning.

Local residents will be aware that certain people who frequent this Facebook page are obsessed in their campaign to undermine me as can be seen by the comment in the image.

Evidence From A Crime Scene

Sadly, their obsession and the actions of “Sarah” has led to potential evidence being removed from a crime scene. Whenever ERYC are alerted to fly tipping the first thing they do is gather any evidence to assist any future prosecution.

The ERYC officer in charge of gathering evidence has today informed me that he would like all fly tipping referred to him. Gathering evidence is the main way of tackling fly tipping.

Be Sensible

I was surprised to read a comment from Paul West, Pocklington Town Council Councillor and son of Conservative ERYC Ward Councillor Kay West state: “Well done Sarah”.

I despair.

In future I politely suggest that “Sarah” and those who support her actions think twice about removing evidence from a crime scene.

We all need to work together to stamp out fly tipping.

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