Lansdowne Crescent Residents Issued Parking Tickets

First we had ERYC Wasting Money In Bridlington by incorrectly painting and then removing double yellow lines on Lansdowne Road, Bridlington.

I am now informed that on Saturday they issued Parking Tickets to residents for parking on the unlawful double yellows outside their homes. This was unlawful as there is no Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to prohibit parking. As such ERYC must cancel all Parking Tickets issued and reimburse any already paid.

Email To Paul Bellotti

I have emailed Paul Bellotti, ERYC Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services, to ensure all parking tickets issued are canceled and any monies paid reimbursed.

I have also requested that Paul considers residents requests for double yellows outside many properties on Lansdowne Crescent as they are blocked in on a regular basis.

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