ERYC Play Areas Smoking Ban – Research Failure

In Budget Day: ERYC Tories Money Wasters I reported on the motion to investigate the introduction of an unenforceable smoking ban.

To impose a ban requires consultations, legal orders, formal warning signs and public expectation of enforcement.  When enforcement is so unlikely as to be impossible, a friendly “please do not” sign is obviously cheaper and usually more effective – it’s a no-brainer!

So why did the portfolio-holder for public health put a motion to Full Council calling for officers to investigate options and write a report banning smoking in children’s play areas?  I hope the report, when it comes, will mention that someone using common sense put cheap friendly signs on ERYC play areas less than 4 months ago, and how much time and public money went into producing the report!  The label on the back of ERYC signs shows the month and year of printing.

Whether we have an expensive and unenforceable legal ban or a cheap friendly sign – the actual result is the same ie. a sign at a playground. Therefore, the key bit that cannot be defended is to call for an investigation to do something that has already been done. That is the thing that shows the Conservative and Labour Groups to be wasteful and ignorant.

The Tory motions and questions at the last few council meetings have all been uncharacteristically caring, and protective of the vulnerable. Is there an election coming?

Have ERYC stopped funding smoking cessation support for the very residents it wants to ban from play areas?

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