More Dropped Kerbs For Pocklington

I am delighted to announce my opinion that “we need to work out from the Pocklington Town Centre and put in as many dropped kerbs as finance permits” has received support from ERYC.

“It is important to ensure that pedestrian routes are accessible to those with mobility issues.

As a ‘ball park’ figure, a pair of dropped kerbs with tactile paving costs around £1,800, depending on the location. We will look to include a suitable amount in the 2018-2021 LCWIP for Pocklington for perhaps a dozen locations (pairs).

This could be provided to the Area Engineer to enable him to consult with local stakeholders and identify priority locations and routes, beginning in the Town Centre.

Should the process identify more locations then we could look at these as reserve schemes, if additional funding becomes available.”

A revised Plan including an outline programme of works will be distributed soon.

Well done ERYC.

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