Fools: Tories, Lackies, ERYC Officers and Stalkers

Those who watched all four episodes of ERYC – Corrupt To The Core will be at a loss how I was found guilty of bullying and not treating stalkers with respect.

The answer is simple, I told the truth. I stated that:

  • There is an obsessive campaign against me – FACT
  • That one of the stalkers works for Pocklington School – FACT

In essence the warped view at County Hall is that if you are speaking the truth you are not treating stalkers with respect and indeed you are bullying them!

Last Laugh

What the fools who are Tories, lackies, ERYC officers and stalkers do not realise is why I will not be apologising to the stalkers or removing all reference to them from this site.

Make no mistake they will. In the mean time the cat will watch the silly mice.

The last laugh is always the loudest.

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