Pocklington Footpaths – Gritting and Snow Clearing Failure

Once again residents are contacting me due to the failure of Pocklington Town Council to grit and clear snow from Pocklington footpaths.

Pocklington Town Council Clerk Gordon Scaife

One resident typified how residents are let down:

“Once again the footpaths in Pocklington were not gritted/ cleared of snow and ice during the recent snowfall and I suspect they won’t be should it happen again. This creates a clear barrier for pedestrians who would normally walk from their home into town because it makes the paths unsafe. I walked on the road, in the dark, to get home from town. I assessed the use of the paths as being more dangerous than walking in the road. I suspect that many others were trapped in their homes.”

Contact Pocklington Town Council

As the clearing of footpaths is the duty of Pocklington Town Council I suggest residents contact the Clerk Gordon Scaife if they fail to grit/clear snow from the footpaths in future.

Phone: 01759 304851

Email: townclerk@pocklington.gov.uk

NB: Pocklington Town Council have a habit of not answering phone calls or responding to emails.

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