PTC: How Much – For What?

Following on from Pocklington Footpaths – Gritting and Snow Clearing Failure I now share more information into the failings of Pocklington Town Council (PTC).

I will start with the precept charged to Pocklington residents for that which PTC spend. As we can see this is £263,495. Of which:

  • Salaries = £82,309
  • Pension = £13,000
  • Nat Ins. = £6,000

This is a total of £101,309 to employ a Clerk, a part-time Deputy Clerk and Handyman. This equates to 38.5% of the precept.

Yet there is nothing for gritting.

NB: As an ERYC Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial I receive £11,277 with no pension.

Stamford Bridge

The population of Stamford Bridge is 41% of that of Pocklington. But their precept is less than 20% of Pocklingtons at around £50,000. From this Stamford Bridge sensibly budget for gritting.

Free Advice

I would advise that PTC take legal advice (not from ERNLLCA) with regards gritting. The legal advice will confirm that they must carry out a risk assessment without which, their insurers will look askance when they receive a claim against them.

PTC must cover for gritting in their precept as Stamford Bridge do.

Emergency Plan

Of course this could be covered in their Level Three Emergency Plan which is still noticeable by its absence.

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