Jenny “Love” Crabb – Anger Issues

A £20,000 inital scheme to upgrade the Pavement was such a disaster I requested a site meeting with ERYC Engineer Jenny Crabb who designed the scheme.

When it became apparent that Jenny had ‘lost the plot’, I attempted to calm her down and in doing so addressed her as “Jenny, love”. Reporting on this, I made a point not only of anonymising her identity but also referring to her outburst in a more neutral way calling it ‘anger issues’ in my article Pocklington Pavement – Collective Incompetence.

Enter stage left the Huggate stalker Sheila Doreen Wright who made yet another complaint against me. This time for stating:

“The fools that make up PTC, the nodding dogs who are ERYC Tory Councillors and ERYC officers who are blind monkeys clearly have no common sense between them.”

It turns out these comments are acceptable but not:

“I requested and attended a site meeting with the ERYC Engineer who not only displayed anger issues but stated there was no issue.”

It turns out that I cannot say an officer has anger issues despite the fact that she lost the plot and this was witnessed by an independent person.

I can confirm that the complaint against me will now progress because of this. Until I received notice today of this complaint progressing against me I had declined to name Jenny Crabb but as I now learn that she has lied by stating she did not lose her temper I believe it is appropriate to name her.

Children in the playground.

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