Pocklington – 78 Salt Bins Short

Over the past couple of weeks residents have raised concerns with me regards the lack of gritting on Pocklington footpaths

This bin was less than a third full on Saturday

Current Salt Bins

The number of salt bins in the area make for interesting reading:

  • 56 – Market Weighton
  • 14 – Pocklington
  • 38 – Stamford Bridge

With fewer residents Market Weighton has four times the number of salt bins as Pocklington.

If Pocklington had the same number of salt bins per head of population as Stamford Bridge they would have 92 salt bins. Currently Pocklington are 78 salt bins short.

New Salt Bins

When looking to place new salt bins, ERYC review a number of factors including:

  • Pedestrian volume
  • Proximity to a school
  • Proximity to a public bus route
  • Available space for the bin
  • Proximity to nearby bins
  • Location of doctors
  • Schools
  • Designated elderly persons residences
  • etc..

Currently there are no salt bins on:

  • The Oval or Dension Road despite the fact that there are designated elderly persons residences.
  • Kilnwick Road the main route to Woldgate School.
  • Amos Drive for the Doctors surgery
  • West Green for Pocklington School
  • Broadmanor
  • Algarth
  • Mile End Park
  • etc..


I have requested ERYC ensure all 14 salt bins in Pocklington are filled as a matter of urgency.

In addition, I have requested a review into the need for more salt bins in Pocklington at the earliest opportunity.

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