Pocklington Arts Centre – Questionable Accounts

The article PTC: How Much – For What? was published to highlight the amount Pocklington Town Council (PTC) spend to run themselves.

In the article I made a false assumption. I stated that there are 2.5 employees. In truth there are 2.75 plus a questionable piece of book keeping. Those receiving salaries as stated in the PTC Minutes July 2017 are PTC employes J. Bielby, C. Heald, G. Scaife and L. Skelding.

In addition to these is Janet Farmer who is the manager of the Arts Centre.

Looking at the PTC precept for 2017/18 it is reasonable for residents to believe that the Arts Centre breaks even with expenses and income of £260,000 and salaries of £50,000. Alas the salary of Janet Farmer is not included. This is included in PTC salaries.

I believe this to be questionable accounting and misleading. In truth the Arts Centre makes a loss every year.

As Pocklington Arts Centre is heavily subsisidised by Pocklington Council Tax payers I believe a free childrens cinema should be put on every month for less well off families as the Arts Centre is financed by them.

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