Arts Centre – Cllr Dean Hodgson Statement

Last night Pocklington Town Council Deputy Mayor, Cllr Dean Hodgson issued the following statement regards the relationship between PTC and the Arts Centre.

The art centres constitution requires it to break even, and any profits be ploughed back into the centre. It’s been that way from the very start, that’s why the accounts always show break even. The managers wage is paid for from PTC, it was expected at the beginning some 17 years ago. That, in time the centre would become self supporting, but, as the centre became more established, and the Council gained more experiance and knowledge of how art centres in the provencies worked, it became clear that probably wouldn’t happen. In comparison to our nearest rivals, the junction at goole and the rope walk at barton, our arts centre out performs both.

The Council has always viewed the arts centre as a service provider to the town, bringing entertainment and culture to the town. Certainly it is one of the reasons why Pock has expanded and attracted so many people and businesses. The pubs and restaurants are unrecognisable from 20 years ago.

If councils and government’s didn’t subsidise things, we have very little in Pocklington, we’d be sat here waiting for private investment, which at the last count couldn’t make a go of the old cinema, so they closed it, and it sat empty for years, until the Council took a brave decision to turn it into what it is today. The same make a profit attitude could apply to francis scaife, or do we shut that down. It’s all about providing a service that others won’t or can’t for commercial reasons.”

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