2017 – Rebel With A Cause

With 138 public projects completed, numerous personal projects assisted with and the holding to account of senior ERYC officers and Tory Councillors 2017 has certainly being the year I became a rebel with a cause.

As a Buddhist, fundamental to everything I do is to serve. My chosen form of service is as a campaigner of which being an ERYC Ward Councillor is part of. All a Ward Councillor does is instigate whatever is required.

Public Projects

Of the 138 public projects I have completed in 2017 I share a small selection.

  • Pocklington – London Street Crossing.

  • Pocklington – Making The Pavement accessible for those with disabilities.

  • Pocklington – Ensuring that the Town Centre is open to parking as soon as the market closes.

  • Stamford Bridge – Permanent pumps to prevent flooding.

  • Sutton Upon Derwent – Establishing of the Flooding Committee.

  • Wilberfoss – A1079 West junction survey to closely monitor accidents.

  • Wilberfoss – None return valves to prevent flooding.

Personal Projects

I am blessed to be in a position to assist residents in many ways which are personal to them.

Holding To Account

Many have questioned my holding to account of senior ERYC officers and Tory Councillors. In the past week I have published: East Riding Shameful SEND ReportSenior Officers And Councillors Knew Of SEND Failures and ERYC Conservative Cllr Symon Fraser Shocking Admission.

Residents will now be in a position to understand why holding to account senior ERYC officers and Tory Councillors is arguably the most import aspect of my work as an Independent ERYC Ward Councillor.

A lot more will be exposed in 2018.

A Big Thank You

I would like to thank all six Parish Councils in my Ward, Barmby Moor, Newton Upon Derwent, Stamford Bridge, Sutton Upon Derwent, The Cattons and Wilberfoss for working with me and their support. Those serving on the Parish Councils are an inspiration to me.

I am grateful to all the Pocklington Provincial residents who not only gave me the opportunity to serve them but continue to request my assistance.

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year.

Rest assured I intend to be even busier in 2018.

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