Fork Handles, Four Candles and Four Complaints

For Ronnie Barker it was fork handles and four candles. For me it is another four complaints from the same group of 20 people.

Complaint 1

This complaint is from Pocklington Town Council (PTC) Councillor Martin Cooper.

Martin has complained that I took a photo in a public meeting. I HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO DO THIS

As a PTC councillor Martin should be fully aware of the legislation with regards recording at meetings so why has he complained about my exercising a legal right?

Ironically I took the photo at a Standards Hearing into a complaint against me.

Complaint 2

This complaint is from Sheila Doreen Wright (yet another complaint from her).

Sheila has submitted a complaint against me for what has been stated in the North Yorks Enquirer (NYE) by Nigel Ward.

What Nigel Ward writes and what NYE publishes is nothing to do with me.

Complaint 3 and 4

I understand neither. One even has pages missing.

Waste Of ERYC Resources

This group of 20 now has about 8 complaints against me. What a waste of ERYC resources.

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