Tory Pock Town Council Childish Attack

The Tory dominated Pocklington Town Council are so desperate to discredit me they have now issued a letter to numerous Parish Councils putting them in an impossible situation.

Yapham Road Flooding

The letter states:

“Pocklington Town Council are looking to our neighbouring Parish Councils to support us by also considering a vote of no confidence with regards to Cllr Strangeway with a view to asking him for his resignation.”

Please see Pocklington Town Council – Letter to Parish Councils to read full letter:

This was sent to six Parish Councils in my Ward:

  • Barmby Moor
  • Catton
  • Newton Upon Derwent
  • Stamford Bridge
  • Sutton Upon Derwent
  • Wilberfoss

Market Day Parking when Market closes

and for reasons unknown seven Parish Councils not in my Ward:

  • Allerthorpe
  • Bielby
  • Fangfoss with Bolton
  • Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck
  • Hayton and Burnby
  • Millington
  • Nunburnholme

I have receive no communication from PTC.

Scaife Garth Kerb Parking

Time To Be Grown Up

This conduct typifies the childish campaign I have been subjected to for nearly two years by Pocklington Town Council and ERYC Conservatives.

I would like to politely suggest that they all grow up and get on with helping the residents they claim to represent. There is plenty to be done.

Why have they not addressed the Yapham Road flooding, Market Day parking after the Market is closed or parking on Scaife Garth footpaths? Yet again they collectively failed to represent and I stepped up to the mark.

If Cllr Mole and Cllr West had represent those in Pocklington Provinicial as much as myself we could together have collectively completed 702 Projects since April 2016.

Public Meeting

My offer for a public Q & A with Cllr Mole,  Cllr West and Pocklington Town Council remains unaccepted.

I wonder why?

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