Wilberfoss Foss Beck Erosion – Risk Of Flooding

Erosion of the Eastern Bank of Foss Beck through Wilberfoss is causing increased risk of flooding.

Since the flooding along Beckside on Boxing Day in 2015, ERYC has made efforts to improve the drainage along the East side of Foss Beck running through the village. They make regular inspections and periodically carry out work to clear the surface water drains allowing rainwater to run into the Beck.

However, heavy rain this winter has weakened the raised bank on the East side of the Beck and an increased flow of goods delivery vehicles coupled with the existing farm vehicle traffic along Beckside is now causing a problem. Vehicles driving onto the bank have caused sections to collapse into the road and this mud and debris is now being compacted over the surface water drains preventing the proper flow of rainwater into the Beck.

Parking on Beckside is a major contributor to the problem…

One cause of the problem is the increased level of parking along Beckside. With a number of home extensions being built in this area, it is not unusual to find two or three contractors vehicles parked during the day between the pedestrian and road bridges over the Beck or further along toward the A1079. This parking restricts the width of the road forcing delivery lorries, vans and tractors to stray onto the raised bank.

Now, with a number of drains almost completely blocked, recent modest rainfall is now quickly causing flooding along sections of the road (pictures taken 16th January 2018)

Finding a Solution…

Clearing these drains on a frequent basis through the winter will represent a significant cost to the agencies responsible and finding a longer-term solution would be desirable and more cost effective.

Possible long-term solutions might include:

  1. Widening the road by reducing the width of the East bank to Foss Beck and building a retaining wall for the bank. This might also allow the bank to be raised in height at its lowest points to increase the flood defences for Beckside.
  2. Imposing parking restrictions between Willow Park Road and the road bridge over Foss Beck joining Beckside with Main Street

I have referred the issue to ERYC.

J – Thank you for raising the issue with me and for the work you have put in to highlight the problems.

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