Confidential Papers Ban Is A Joke

Part of my recent slap on the wrist for exposing failures in ERYC Safeguarding was to have my access to confidential papers removed.

Did the ruling Tories and senior ERYC officers miss the point that the document which I published that resulted in said slapped wrist was leaked to me?

Confidential documents are regularly leaked to me from ERYC officers and the Conservative Group. In addition they are all over the Independent Office.

Arguably the most confidential document in County Hall is the “Capital Bids Submissions 2017b” with details the “Bids for 2018/19 and Future Years“. This document was on my desk yesterday (please see image above) and I am currently reading it this morning.

Looks like it is back to the drawing board for the Tories and senior ERYC officers.

You gotta laugh!

Information from whistle blowers invited

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