In Support – Wawne Residents

The email below was yesterday sent to ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey from Wawne residents.

Dear Caroline Lacey

My colleagues and I are shocked, but not surprised given the goings on at ERYC.
Accusing Councillor Strangeway of bullying is, given the reputation of bullying prevalent at the council, an absolute travesty of justice.

The amount of public support for Councillor Strangeway is staggering which speaks volumes for his work and is refreshing given the reputation of the ERYC council. 

There have been various reports of bullying by the ERYC in the local & surrounding area papers… i.e. Councillors in Cottingham resigning due to bullying,

Councillors browbeating planning committee members as recently reported by Councillor Fraser. This last item I have personal knowledge of, as I have complained to the democratic officer twice about Councillor Pollards behaviour at planning meetings.Obviously given ERYC record these were dismissed.

However it seems strange that Councillor Parnaby escaped any censure in spite of denying a directorship which turned out to be, at the least economical with the truth.

It is obvious as Mr Peter Robinson commented, this Councillor (Parnaby) has a lot to answer for but continues in office and refuses to answer some simple questions, with all other councillors complicit in this cover up.

My colleagues and I are writing to the Conservative Party headquarters with all relevant information, including archive newspaper cuttings, asking that they send a team to investigate the goings on at ERYC. Also asking for the possibility of running this council directly from Whitehall to stop this continuing rot.

Richard Ensor

Chris Shipley

Eric Walton

Wawne Residents

In Support

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  2. Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council
  3. Residents
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