ERYC SEND: 86% Parent/Carer Dissatisfaction

In the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Send Report 86% of Parents/Carers of SEND (special educational needs and disability) children either disagree or strongly disagree that “overall, the current offer of SEND support, services and provision works well”.

Despite this fact, at a meeting in County Hall on Tuesday attended by five Ward Councillors, Kevin Hall, ERYC Director of Children, Family and Schools stated that the report was not damning.

Kevin’s opinion typifies the conduct I have experienced by numerous senior ERYC officers.

I know of no business in the East Riding who would possibly believe 86% customer dissatisfaction was not damning. The simple fact is they would no longer be in business.

Sadly Kevin’s officers also appear to support him as 56% believe “overall, the current offer of SEND support, services and provision works well”. This clearly demonstrates that ERYC officers are completely out of touch with SEND Parents/Carers.

When parents/carers were asked “overall, I have been able to access the right support” 76% either disagreed or strongly disagreed.

The report and Kevin’s response to it clearly demonstrates that ERYC officers have little understanding of the needs of SEND children.

Working Together

There is good news.

As Kevin agreed that he would look at a couple of cases I choose to raise with him, next week I will meet with SEND Parents/Carers to discuss Kevin’s invitation.

Hopefully by working together we can improve the current dire situation.

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