ERYC Conservative Councillors – Party Before Residents

When will the 48 ERYC Conservative Cllrs be honest with their residents and confirm that they are all whipped and thus put their party before residents?

Scaife Garth Car Park Site

The Evidence – No Duplication

In less than two years I have completed 241 projects. Yet when I have raised every one of these projects with the respective officer I have never been told that Conservative Cllr Mole or Cllr West have already raised the issue.

This is staggering.

What are the two Pocklington Provincial Conservative Cllrs doing? They attend meetings, read reports and go to training courses but for what?

How can they not be aware of the 241 projects?

The Evidence – Four Major Projects

Three Conservative Cllrs failed for ten years to instigate the following four major projects

  • London Street Crossing
  • Scaife Garth Car Park
  • Stamford Bridge Permanent Pumps

  • Wilberfoss Non Return Valves

I instigated to completion all four within two years.

Polite Suggestion

I would like to politely suggest to Cllr Mole, Cllr West and Pocklington Town Council  that instead of attempting to discredit me for their silly political games they actual move things forward at County Hall for the benefit of Pocklington Provincial residents.

Of course, that is if the are allowed to!

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