Sanction Prevents New Code of Conduct Complaints

At the last ERYC Full Council it was agreed 62 to 1  that:

“My access to confidential papers be removed until the end of my term of office as an East Riding Councillor”

On Saturday I received notice of the latest complaint against me and as is always the case this communication is confidential. Ironically the confidential papers were sent to me by Jon Whyley who was the Investigating Officer in the case which resulted in the sanction.

In the letter Jon stated:

“I would ask that you treat any information provided to you during the course of this investigation as confidential

No ERYC officer should be sending me confidential papers as to do so is a breach of the sanction.

No Confidential Papers – No Code of Conduct Complaints

As all communication in the earlier stages of a Code of Conduct investigation is confidential no communication can be shared with me as it would breach the sanction approved by Full Council

Since there can be no disclosure of information to me there can be no investigation.

To accept the confidential papers I would be in breach of the sanction. To breach the sanction I would be exposed to further Code of Conduct complaints. Thus entering a magic roundabout.

As I have no wish to board a magic roundabout all officers must cease sending me confidential papers.


Due to the fact that I am banned from seeing confidential papers until the end of my term of office as an East Riding Councillor no Code of Conduct can be progressed against me.

You gotta laugh.

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