Mathew Buckley – Threatening Undertones

This morning I received an email requesting that I remove the photoon in Sanction Prevents New Code of Conduct Complaints from ERYC Head of Legal, Mathew Buckley. I believe the email to be unacceptable as it contained threatening undertones and a false allegation.

The threatening undertones stated:

“Leaving aside the text of the post which I am not dealing with now  I want to address the issue of the photograph.”

In addition Mathew falsely alleged that I was:

“….making a direct attack on Mr Whyley…”

As I consider Mathew Buckley’s email to be inappropriate communication from a senior officer to a Councillor I have no option but to decline his request.

I remain open to an apology from Mathew and a polite request which would then receive my generous consideration.

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