Pock Salt Bins – Over To Town Council

In relation to Pocklington – 78 Salt Bins Short ERYC have now confirmed it is the role of the Parish/Town Council to provide extra salt bins.

“Council funded salt bins are not provided dependent upon the number of people living in an area, they are provided on a needs basis depending upon a location meeting certain Cabinet approved criteria. Many of the bins in the Market Weighton and Stamford Bridge areas are funded by the Parish/Town Councils. In Market Weighton the vast majority (approximately 42) are funded by the Town Council whilst in Stamford Bridge around 14 are Parish funded.” 

Referred To Pock Town Council 

Having completed the research and as “it is possible to request additional Council funded salt bins” and “alternatively the Town Council could look to provide additional salt bin resource in a similar way to the other Councils you have mentioned” I have forwarded communication to Pock Town Council.

Hopefully Pock Town Council will now address the shortage of salt bins in Pocklington in the same way Stamford Bridge Parish Council and Market Weighton Town Council have done for their residents.

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