Wilberfoss Foss Beck Erosion – Action Planned

I would like to thank ERYC for their prompt investigation into the issues highlighted in Wilberfoss Foss Beck Erosion – Risk Of Flooding.

I am delighted to confirm:

“We have inspected the site, and agree that the verge / bund is getting “churned up” because of vehicles parking on and over running it, which is causing the kerb offlets to block.

I have spoken to the Councils Highway Maintenance team (Streetscene Services) and we agree that the most cost effective solution would be to carry out some local gully improvement works. Funding is not available this financial year, but we will assess options and consider carrying out some improvement works in the new financial year.”

Working Together – Surgeries

This is a great example of how a resident, Ward Councillor and ERYC working together not only get things done but also get things done promptly thus saving finance.

I would like to thank those who raise issues like this at my surgeries especially those in Wilberfoss and Stamford Bridge as this demonstrates the need to hold surgeries in both villages.

Well done ERYC for their prompt action.

J – Thank you for drawing this to my attention at my last Wilberfoss surgery.

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