ERYC Ex Conservative Cllr Becomes Whistleblower

A ERYC ex-Conservative Councillor has become a whistleblower. The extracts below are from an email they sent in August 2017.

“We had to return all case papers and our own notes and were specifically told we could not raise questions relating to the cases as they were confidential.
A subsequent Serious Case Review did not include much of the detail we had heard and the junior social workers who had excessive case loads and poor management  were left to carry the can. Their dismissal deemed to have resolved any problems.
One of the appellants did say the process did not include the line manager as this would lead to the senior management failings being highlighted. I was prevented by the legal officer from presuing this allegation in questioning but the manager did indicate he had no support only ridiculous tick box targets.”

“Given that protection of senior staff , cover ups and refusal to follow evidence to its conclusion are apparent factors at Rotherham, it seems likely that similar processes are at play in ERYC. The council being lucky so far to have kept serous issues under wraps.”

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