Voted Against The Budget

Today in County Hall I voted against the ERYC Budget for 2018/19 which will see residents Council Tax raise by 5.99%.

Reasons For Voting Against

  • Affordability – With inflation at 3% and wages only increasing by 2.3% a 5.99% council tax increase is unaffordable for many East Riding residents’.
  • Social Care Precept – The 5.99% increase includes 3% for the Social Care Precept. The Social Care Precept should come from national taxation but as Tory austerity has failed the national Government is deflecting national taxation to local taxation and calling it the Social Care Precept. The Government is failing to address the funding crisis that the UK is facing with regards social care.
  • Financing Conservative Group – Disgracefully East Riding Council Tax payers are being forced to pay £17,472 every year for the Conservative Group to manage their affairs. This is made up of: Secretary – £12,192 Chief Whip – £3,762 Deputy Group Whip – £1,518. The Conservative Group should finance itself. ERYC Council Tax payers should not be forced to finance political parties.
  • Funding From National Government – ERYC Tory Councillors constantly tell everyone that the increase in Council Tax is predominately due to the reduction in what the national Government gives to the ERYC and we can do nothing about it. 48 of the 67 ERYC Councillors are Conservative. They campaigned for the Conservative national Government which has reduced funding to ERYC due to their failed austerity. In simple terms ERYC Conservative Councillors campaigned for the cut in ERYC funding.
  • Overpriced Works – I have witnessed ERYC undertaking work that is costing double what it should do.
  • Code of Conduct – The ERYC Code of Conduct is little more than a Conservative Party tool to control the opposition. Thousands of pounds is being wasted on this Conservative Party tool which is a Code of Conduct in name only.
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