ERYC Council Tax: Councillors Fail To Attend

At yesterdays ERYC Budget meeting to vote on the Council Tax shamefully only 55 of the 67 Councillors were in attendance to represent their residents.

Conservative Councillor Dee Sharpe – Serial Non Payer Of Council Tax

Of those I was the only person to vote against the Council Tax for reasons explained in Voted Against The Budget.

Failure To Attend (Councillor – Ward – Party/Group)

  1. Bryan – South West Holderness – Conservative
  2. Elvidge – Minster and Woodmansey – Conservative
  3. Evison – East Wolds and Coastal – Conservative
  4. Fraser – Driffield and Rural – Conservative
  5. Harold – Minster and Woodmansey – Conservative
  6. Hall – Driffield and Rural – Conservative
  7. Head – Goole North – Independent
  8. Mole – Pocklington Provincial – Conservative
  9. Moore – Goole North – Labour
  10. Peacock – Minster and Woodmansey – Other
  11. Sharpe – Willerby and Kirkella – Conservative
  12. Tucker – East Holderness – Conservative

Wards Not Represented

Neither  Goole North nor Minster and Woodmansey residents had any representation at the most important vote of the year.

Possible Reasons For None Attendance

  1. Ill Health – With the average age of ERYC Councillors around 65 ill-health will always be a factor.
  2. Work Commitments
  3. Failure To Pay Council Tax – Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act requires that Councillors who are at least two months in arrears with their Council Tax must disclose that fact and not vote on any question relating to the setting of Council Tax.
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