ERYC Continue To Waste Money

On Thursday I voted against the ERYC Budget and Council Tax. One of the main reasons is because ERYC are wasting money.

On Wednesday 10 January the Full Council voted to impose a sanction on me:

“Access to confidential papers be removed until the end of his term of office as an East Riding Councillor”

Since then there has been an attempt by ERYC officers to force me to breach the sanction by sending me confidential papers.

Indeed, when I arrived home after the Budget meeting on Thursday waiting for me was a letter from Matthew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Monitoring Officer (in charge of the Code of Conduct). English Language

As can be seen in the letter above Mathew Buckley is now attempting to rewrite the English language.

How is this treating me with respect? Is Mathew bullying me?

I will respect the sanction and leave Mathew to reinvent the English language.

Future Code of Conduct Complaints

As a result of the sanction my right to respond to any future Code of Conduct complaints against me has been removed.

My only option is to leave ERYC to conduct their Kangaroo Court against me and waste even more money.

Please see previous examples of the ERYC Kangaroo Court

Vote Against Wasting Money

Mathews conduct highlights the very reason I voted against the Budget and Council tax. The simple fact that ERYC are wasting money.

I will never vote for a Budget or a Council Tax increase so long as I witness ERYC wasting council tax payers money.

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