Stamford Bridge A166 Gridlock Solved – Again

I thought the Stamford Bridge A166 gridlock was solved. Alas I was mistaken. This evening the gridlock returned.

The Avant traffic lights should be manned between 07.00 & 09.30 and 15.30 & 19.00. But this evening, for reasons unknown, this did not happen.

I can confirm that the works are due to finish by Friday. This is essential as Stage 3 of the resurfacing work beginnings on Monday 19th and will include this stretch of the A166.

ERYC will once again request the Avant Contractor to man the traffic lights between these times. An ERYC officer will be on site tomorrow.

I would like to thank an ERYC officer, who despite the fact that he finished work at 16.00, phoned me at 17.30 on his mobile to confirm the situation was being addressed. He left his tea to deal with the issue. Credit due.

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