Pocklington Provincial Fantastic Parish Councils

Pocklington Provincial is blessed with six fantastic Parish Councils. Yesterday Stamford Bridge typified the dedicated work of the Parish Councils in the Ward I represent.

Just before 17.00 I received a phone call from the Clerk alerting me to the gridlock of the A166 in the village. This then allowed me to contact ERYC who in turn raised the issue with the contractor.

In the evening I attended the Parish Council meeting. Stamford Bridge Parish Council is always blessed with an active public participation but last night exceed the norm. The meeting was vibrant to say the least.

Without a very balanced Chair the meeting would have descended into chaos but as the meeting was exceedingly well Chaired the result was a very productive meeting.

It was heart warming to hear of the various community events happening in the village.

Further Information

I would encourage all residents to attend their Parish Council meeting to gain an understanding into how and why things happen.

When a vacancy arises please do consider putting yourself forward to join your Parish Council.

For further information about the Parish Councils please click on the links below.

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