Broadmanor Landscape Belt – Wildlife Corridor

While investigating the Mayfields Litter issue it has come to my attention that  Broadmanor Landscape Belt – Wildlife Corridor must be protected from trespass.

It is protected with a fence from the Broadmanor side but is fully open to trespass on the Mayfields Development side. Understandably the residents on the Broadmanor side believe this to be unreasonable.

I have referred the following questions to Alan Menzies ERYC Director of  Planning and Economic Regeneration:

  1. Have David Wilson Homes secured the landscape belt from trespass?
  2. Have ERYC formally adopted the landscape belt?
  3. Are ERYC maintaining the landscape belt in accordance with the original planning permission?
  4. Will Linden Homes secure the landscape belt from trespass?
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