Stamford Bridge Traffic Lights Update

The Stamford Bridge traffic lights saga is set to continue into next week.

Bridge Traffic Lights

There is concern that the traffic lights have been slowed down as they appear to be only letting half the regular traffic through per change.

ERYC are aware of the situation and will investigate this afternoon.

Avant Traffic Lights

While undertaking the required road works a brick culvert was breached which no one knew existed. Residents will have noticed the water pumps in use.

There has been a meeting with key stakeholders to agree a way forward. It was agreed that work will continue on Saturday morning and the lights will be manned all weekend.

The works are now planned to be completed by Tuesday.

This will require the Stage 3 of the resurfacing to leap-frog the area and return when appropriate.

Well Done

I would like to thank the ERYC officers for keeping me updated of developments of a situation which is beyond their control. I will endeavour to pass these updates onto residents.

Well done ERYC.

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