Viking Road Car Park – New Footway

I am delighted to confirm that a new footway will be created to the Viking Road Car Park, Stamford Bridge.

An ERYC officer has confirmed:

“Please be advised that in early March 2018 a new footway will be created on the right-side of the access road that leads down to the Viking Road car park.

The pedestrian access to the car park has been raised as an area requiring  improvement due to  the increased number of properties in and surrounding the village.

Work to improve the lighting in the car park will be looked at in the new financial year once it is established whether or not Yorkshire Water will be installing a new storage tank beneath the car park – this was raised several years ago but no further information has been received.  Enquiries are currently being made on this for confirmation of their plans if any still,  as it would affect the lighting scheme design.”

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