West Green Not Scheduled For Resurface

In West Green Resurfacing Incorrect Information I confirmed that reports on social media regards West Green being resurfaced before the Tour De Yorkshire were incorrect.

Having discussed the matter further with an ERYC officer I can now state that West Green is not scheduled to be resurfaced as part of the Hodsow Lane scheme.

“Hodsow Lane Pocklington is in a tender package due to commence on site in June 18.

Hodsow Lane will be re-kerbed, the footpath/cycleway and carriageway resurfaced and drainage will also be improved.

With reference to the Hodsow Lane scheme it stops at Canal Lane and does not include West Green.”

Hopefully Pocklington Town Council Cllr Dean Hodgson or ERYC Conservative Ward Cllr Claude Mole will now confirm their earlier statement to be incorrect.

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