Whistle Blowers Corner

As more and more individuals are approaching me with stories of bullying, harassment, corruption and safe guarding failures I have devised a scheme whereby any WHISTLE BLOWER can send evidence to me in the following format:

By email info@island-man.co.uk containing:

  • The basic facts
  • The relevant dates
  • The perpetrators of the alleged violations

I will then determine how best to progress matters. Should we confirm that we can make progress we will identify the documents and evidence required to be delivered directly to a solicitor. From thereon in you will have direct communication with the solicitor and they will ensure that you, if the case is viable, receive legally privileged advice and assistance. Your name and identity, or details of any advice provided by your instructed solicitor will remain legally privileged and confidential. Legally privileged advice and communications cannot be disclosed without your consent to any third party, including courts, the media and employers.

When writing to me you may wish to set up a new email address and use a psuedonym if you feel it is necessary. However, when contacted by Ison Harrison you must follow the Law Society Guidelines and KYC requirements which include producing identification and signing a letter of engagement.

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