Pock Town Council – Disgraceful Sabre Rattling

At the beginning of January Pocklington Town Council started a disgraceful attack on me based on rhetoric.

The Mayor of Pocklington Cllr David Sykes called for my resignation on the basis I was unable to serve Pocklington residents due to not having access to “confidential documents”.

The Town Council then made a Press Release and invited the six Parish Councils in Pocklington Provincial to support them in calling for my resignation.

This put the six Parish Councils in an unnecessary and uncomfortable position. Understandably some did not even discuss this publicly. Those which did fully supported me.

Finally, after waiting thirteen days I received a letter from Cllr Sykes on January 26. I immediately replied by asking:

  1. What can I not fulfil in my role of Ward Councillor due to not seeing confidential ERYC papers?
  2. What confidential ERYC papers can I not see?

Six weeks later I have received no response from Cllr Sykes.

The reason is obvious. There is no confidential document which the other ERYC Councillors can see that I can’t and nothing prevents me fulfilling my role as an Independent Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial.

To date I have completed 259 projects in less than two years.

In essence, the disgraceful sabre rattling of Pocklington Town Council has been exposed as nothing but rhetoric.

On 7 April 2016 I became the first none Conservative to represent Pocklington Provincial in ten years, by doing so pushing Pocklington Town Council Conservative candidate Cllr Paul West into second place.

This incident is an example of the conduct Pocklington Town Council have displayed towards me since then.

Pocklington Town Council Time To Resign

To paraphrase Cllr Sykes the full Pocklington Town Council must now resign to give Pocklington residents the opportunity to give their opinion on the shameful sabre rattling of their Town Council.

The truth is out.

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