Tory Lackies Fall Flat On Face

It is beyond me why the East Riding Labour Councillors allowed themselves to become Tory lackies. Do they not understand the word Opposition?

In response to Councillor Parnaby Letter to All Members five out of the six Labour Councillors confirmed their role as lackies and registered a formal complaint against me as instructed by the Leader of the Labour Group Conservative Councillor “Dont Mention The Brid Golf Course” Parnaby.

The Complaint

In relation to the above photoon “The complainants feel that this is totally inappropriate to post sexist comments in a public forum and bring the Authority into disrepute. It is also felt that the photograph is bullying towards an Authority employee”

Labour Lackies – The Complainants

  1. Councillor Iain Billinger – Hessle
  2. Councillor Mally Boatman – Goole South
  3. Councillor Shelagh Finlay – Bridlington South
  4. Councillor Paul Hogan – Hessle
  5. Councillor Keith Moore – Goole North

East Riding Residents Opinion

In a poll held in the Hull Daily Mail 66% of East Riding residents stated the photoon was not sexist.

Not only did Labour confirm their Tory lackie status but they have also confirmed they do not represent the views of their residents.

Complaints Rejected

Today I am informed that both of their complaints for bullying and being sexist have rightly been rejected.

Complaints Refered

But rest assured two complaints will now proceed to the Standards Committee to decide if I treated our Chief Executive with respect.

The photos were lawfully taken and the expression “flashing her legs” is correct as per the English language. How can conducting myself lawfully and correctly using the English language not be treating someone with respect?

Ah well more tax payers money wasted.

The very reason I voted against the Council Tax increase was because East Riding continue to waste money. Not one Labour Councillor voted against the Council Tax increase. They dutifully vote with their Conservative friends.

Where is the East Riding Opposition?

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