Outdoor Exercise Equipment on West Green

This morning I met with the ERYC Commuted Sums officer at County Hall to discuss a request from Pocklington Town Council for commuted sums to finance Outdoor Exercise Equipment on West Green.

The equipment will be placed in the corner of West Green seen in the photo above.

PTC where allocated £10,000 of Commuted Sums in the first round to purchase play equipment at Victoria Road Play Area, the Town Council have asked if it would be possible to re allocate the funds to purchase and install Outdoor Exercise Equipment on West Green with an additional £6,318.00.

Three officers and the three Ward Councillors must give their support to the allocation of all commuted sums.

As the Director of Planning, Head of Planning and the Commuted Sums officer agree to this re-allocation I am delighted to fully support the application subject to the support of Young People Count.

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