Bridlington Golf Club Delete Website Statement

The statement published in Bridlington Golf Club Already Own Freehold which was taken from their own website has been removed after I publish the statement on Thursday.

Thursday 23 March – Now You See It

Friday 24 March – Now You Dont

Why have the Golf Course removed the statement?

Perhaps it was true but certain folk at ERYC did not want the truth made public? Or perhaps we are witnessing the destroying of evidence?

Sadly it is all too late. Strangeway already has copies.

I am more than happy to send copies to Bridlington Golf Club, ERYC or Humberside Police upon receipt of a written request.

Donations Invited

I am very grateful for previous donations which have financed Facebook adverts exposing the conduct of ERYC.

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Donations are invited and gratefully received to pay for future Facebook adverts.

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