Bridlington Golf Course – Conservative and Labour Silence

Bridlington and East Riding residents have noticed a deafing silence from Conservative and Labour ERYC Councillors on the subject of Bridington Golf Club.

ERYC Councillors from the three other Groups at County Hall have provide the following statements for publication.

Independent Group*

“It is disappointed that the officers were defensive and not very forthcoming. If they had been more open, the situation could have easily been defused. As things stand, there are still many unanswered questions. Rightly or wrongly, all this has sown the seeds of doubt in the public’s mind. It also highlights that over many years, under the guidance of the current leader, the Council’s policies and some directors’ delegated powers have very quietly been rewritten to such an extent that it is near impossible to discover the whole truth. In some circles they will be saying ‘job well done’ but the voting public may have other ideas.”

Independent Councillor Ros Jump

Liberal Democrat Group*

“It is clear to me that questions relating to the  proposed sale of Council owned land in Bridlington for below market value have not been answered. The audit Committee meeting looked like a whitewash. I support those Opposition councillors in the East Riding who are demanding answers on behalf of their taxpayer residents.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Denis Healy

UKIP Group*

“We just relied on verbal comments from officers that everything was above board. I suspect no one will ever know whether it is good value.”

UKIP Councillor David Robson

*  For the benefit of those who might willfully misread this post, the heading is to highlight the political position of the individual councillor quoted.

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