Bridlington Golf Club – Get Involved

Many East Riding residents especially those who live in Bridlington are aghast at how the sale of the Bridlington Golf Course is being conducted.

The current situation is not good for Bridlington or the East Riding yet those who are elected to represent Bridlington are silent.

  1. MP – Sir Greg Knight – Conservative
  2. ERYC Councillor Richard Burton – Conservative
  3. ERYC Councillor Margaret Chadwick – Conservative
  4. ERYC Councillor Shelagh Finlay – Labour
  5. ERYC Councillor Richard Harrap – Conservative
  6. ERYC Councillor Christopher Matthews – Conservative
  7. ERYC Councillor Malcolm Milns – UKIP
  8. ERYC Councillor Thelma Milns – UKIP

The only Bridlington ERYC Councillor who is speaking up for Bridlington residents is UKIP Councillor David RobsonGet Involved

We can all play a role.

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Moving forward there will be further ways to Get Involved.

I would like to thank everyone for their support to date.

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