Burnby Hall Gardens Response Disingenuous

Only two weeks ago many will recall the post Burnby Hall Gardens To Be Sold which Burnby Hall Gardens promptly denied.

Burnby Hall Gardens have now issued a Press Release which states:

“The Trustees of Burnby Hall Gardens in Pocklington are presently exploring options which could potentially lead to the Trust taking over responsibility for Burnby Hall”

Click to read Press Release – Burnby Hall Gardens

My question asked whether Burnby Hall Gardens was being sold. We now learn that responsibility for Burnby Hall not Burnby Hall Gardens could be transferred. I am in no doubt our Grandfathers would have said both are “within the inch”.

Burnby Hall Gardens have clearly been disingenuous to myself and Pocklington residents.

Burnby Hall Gardens Trustees

Let us consider who the Trustees/Contact for the Burnby Hall Gardens Trust are.

  1. Richard Wood – Secretary and Ex PTC Clerk
  2. Freda Snelson – Trustee
  3. Richard Haynes – Trustee
  4. Norma Jennings – Trustee
  5. Martin Radcliffe  – Trustee and PTC Councillor
  6. Gordon Scaife – Trustee and PTC Clerk
  7. Paul West – Trustee, PTC Councillor and son of ERYC Conservative Ward Councillor Kay West
  8. Paul Lee – Trustee
  9. Claude Mole – Trustee and ERYC Conservative Ward Councillor

Of, the nine five are connected with PTC while one is an ERYC Conservative Ward Councillor.

I would advise the Trustees that theymust be able to explain how their charity’s activities are or have been for the public benefit”.

How can there be any public benefit in the Burnby Hall Gardens Trustees acting so disingenuously?

I have requested a full explanation and an apology from Burnby Hall Gardens for their disingenuous conduct towards myself and Pocklington residents.

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