Stamford Bridge Traffic Lights

As Stamford Bridge residents had raised questions regards the bridge traffic lights I requested an update from ERYC.

I am informed:

“The main problem is to carry out the resurfacing works the detector loops in the carriageway on both sides have been removed so therefore the lights can only work on a fixed time green until the works are totally complete, including white lining and anti-skid.  New loops will then be installed but these can only be done in dry weather conditions.  Once these loops have been re-installed the signals will go back to working under MOVA control and work totally vehicle actuated, hence balancing the queue levels as it did before.

The timings were under MOVA control 80 seconds green in a morning heading Pocklington to York and 80 seconds green in the afternoon peak heading York to Pocklington.  Because it was working at fixed time we set it at 60 seconds so people don’t jump the red light thinking it is stuck when no cars come over the bridge.  I then increased it back to 80 and put some timings in for the Easter break.  The temporary traffic lights for the new development caused additional problems and these were supposed to be monitored to work manual to alleviate this.  These have now been removed.”

I would like to thank ERYC for such a detailed explanation.

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