Bridlington Golf Club: The Harassment Begins

Today I received my first direct harassment due to my asking questions and publishing about the Bridlington Golf Club deal.

It is sad that Robert Watson does not have the decency to communicate in an appropriate manner.

Click to see the Facebook page of Robert Watson.

Answers Invited

  1. Is Robert Watson connected to Bridlington Golf Club?
  2. Is Robert Watson connected to the Golf Club deal?
  3. Will Robert Watson receive any benefit from the Golf Club deal?
  4. What is the profession of Robert Watson?

I invite East Riding residents, in confidence, to send me answers to these questions and include any further information and/or documents via Email: or alternatively comments can be posted on my Facebook page (please click).

Donations Invited

I am very grateful for previous donations which have financed Facebook adverts exposing the conduct of ERYC.

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Donations are invited and gratefully received to pay for future Facebook adverts.

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